The Things That I Miss

I miss the curve of your smile
when it was for me
I miss watching you write
and sing melodies

I miss you saying my name
without a trace of hate
I miss bumping into you
and believing in fate

I miss the taste of your lips
before I knew what I know
I miss only feeling cold to each other
out in the snow

I miss the way that your eyes looked
lit by the moon
I miss saying good-bye
knowing I’d see you again soon

I miss the way that you told me
things, soft and slow
I miss how when you laughed
your face seemed to glow

I miss the things that you said
when I believed you
I miss the the way that I felt
when I thought you felt it too

I miss smiling in spite of me
at each passing thought
I miss the way everyone knew
from the way that I talked

I miss being in love
with every detail
I miss being blind and believing
every lie without fail

I miss the light in my eyes
the foolish belief
that falling in love
could work out for me

I miss the way I felt pretty
because you kissed my lips
I miss the way I felt skinny
with your hands on my hips 

I don’t miss the person
that you’ve become
I miss myself
the life you’ve undone.

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